Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Thoughts Wednesday

It's that time again, boys and girls--another scary glimpse into my brain.  Get out your magnifying glasses and let's go:

1.  I believe that it's important to write your own obituary.  I'd really like to show you the link that would clearly demonstrate why this occurred to me, but I can't.  That wouldn't be nice.  Just trust me on this.  Write your own.   And, because I'm a helpful sort, here is a link to show you how.

2.  I went to Pinterest to try to find some kind of illustration for #1.  People say, "to die for" for some really crazy stuff.  Are you really willing to die for this:

Or this?

Maybe this...

But definitely not this:
I mean...seriously?  If you are willing to die for those ugly shoes, you should probably get out more....On second thought, you should probably just stay in.

3.  Speaking of should either definitely go there or definitely stay away from there depending on how much time you have to waste and how predisposed you are to obsessive compulsive disorder.  If you go, you should follow me (use that button over there ----->).  But when you look up the next day and wonder where the time went, don't blame me.

4.  Why do I feel compelled to have four things?  

May the Lord bless you today with a long, healthy life, a well-written obituary when the time comes, and pretty things neatly aligned into grids (as they should be) to look at in the meantime.

<3 Lori


  1. Me: Sitting at my desk drinking my morning coffee. Opening your blog post and beginning to read it. Seeing yellow shoes and spitting out coffee as I bust out laughing!

    Not sure where you found the CDO poster, but love it. Wouldn't die for it though.

  2. Ooops! I added the link for that poster. Marlene McCune also has a lovely art blog at

  3. I came here for a laugh and I got it! Thank you. Now about those yellow shoes...I know that if I sported them I would give others a good laugh so I am thinking that they may not be all that bad. I wish I had a picture of the feather that I am currently sporting in my bad, it is good. Adding lots of humor to eveyones life , but mine. Ugly, but has its worth!

  4. One last do I subscribe to your blog without joining the networked blog thing-a-ma-jiggy?

  5. your. blog. is. so. fun. - so glad you're a flyer and i get to know you. j


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