Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LeissnerArt Cards The Final Chapter--Glue Me In --AEDM 29

Let's get something straight right off the bat.  I don't cook much.  I tried to cook for a while, but my family was not particularly complimentary.  I figure, why work so hard at something I don't like that much for people who don't like it that much, either.  So most of what I make in the kitchen comes from a box or a bag.  Sometimes, if I go for a while without really cooking at all, the family is much more complimentary. Hungry people are happier with my cooking.   It's working for me. :)

With this in mind, any crafty efforts I make in the kitchen must appear at first glance to be super, super simple.  And so it is with ENVELOPE GLUE! 
Today we get to create lickable glue for our envelopes.  When we left off, we were here:

We have cute LeissnerArt Cards and handmade envelopes, but they don't close. To close them, we need glue.  I went straight to Google, but honestly I did not think I would find anything.  Lo and behold! There it was. "Envelope Glue Recipes" were right there at friendship-by-mail.com.  Weeeeee!

The first one included Elmer's Glue. Ummmm.....Mrs. Dixon, my first grade teacher, said one should not eat glue.  I'm not sure who decided, while not really edible, it was really lickable.  So, I moved on to recipe #2.

6 tablespoons white vinegar
(4) 0.1 oz. packets unflavored gelatin
1 tablespoon vanilla extract (or any flavor that you like)

Amazingly, especially for someone who doesn't cook much, I had all this stuff already in my pantry.  I have no idea how long that gelatine had been in there.  It might work better if it were fresher, so buy new.  There are four little gelatine envelopes in the box.  You'll use the whole small box. 

The family and I also had a lively discussion regarding what flavor to use.  I thought I had peppermint extract, but couldn't find it. We excluded onion juice pretty quickly.  The top contenders were Orange Extract or Vanilla Extract.  We decided orange then I accidently poured in vanilla, so there you go.

Bring vinegar to a boil in a small pan.
Add gelatin and stir until dissolved.
Add extract and stir until mixed.
When you get it all done, there might be a few lumps.  It's not all that pretty, but this is what it looked like for me:

Brush on thin layer onto back of an envelope flap...Let dry.


This was my first attempt, so I learned a few things. 

1.  Don't just dump all the envelopes in there all at once.  I guess I forgot I was making glue, because I was surprised it was so sticky. Ha!  I would suggest shaking one packet into the vinegar at a time while vigorously mixing with a fork or whisk.

2.  The vanilla makes for a more tasty glue, but in retrospect, the color is not that appealing.  Orange might have been better. Peppermint would probably be ideal.  I'm going to use that next time, I think.

3.  Have your brush at the ready.  Try to be very neat in painting the glue.  Since it's not clear, it's more apparent that it's also not as neat as I would like it to be.

4.  If your envelope flaps curl a little after the glue, you can iron them flatter.  Just make sure the steam is not on your iron.

5.  The remaining glue you have can be reused.  Store excess glue in a sealed container and melt again for future use by putting in a pan of warm water.

Now my little cards are ready to fly off to their new homes.  I'll be listing them this week.  I think they are a sweet, fun way to economically share original artwork.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog.  If you make some envelopes, I'd love to hear about how it goes for you.  And I would love to see them.  Share them on my Facebook page!

Praying that the Lord blesses us all today with clean air and deep breaths, warm beds and sweet dreams.

<3 Lori

Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Make Your Own Scrapbook Paper Envelopes--AEDM 28

Yesterday, we were talking about these:

And these:

And the need to make some of these:

I tried a couple of prototypes for envelopes before I decided to use an envelope from a card I received from a friend as a template. 

Carefully open the envelope at the seams to reveal the template. (Please ignore the disaster area in the background.  It's a wreck back there.  I don't think "art" and "neat" can be accomplished simultaneously.)

Since this is a step-by-step of how *I* made envelopes, you must now scrounge around, excavate, and spelunk in the piles for a piece of cardboard or card stock large enough for trace around your sample envelope.  I found this:

Since my sample envelope was a tiny bit smaller than I wanted, I traced a little larger to create a bigger envelope.  (I realize this is a horrible photo. Sorry it's blurry.  And why are my hands swollen?  Too much smoked turkey, me thinks.)

Now cut out your template, and you'll have a nice, sturdy tool to use to make another 50 envelopes for all those Art Cards, which I have now christened "LeissnerArt Cards" (trademark and patent pending).  Select the paper you want to use for your envelope. I chose thicker cardstock because I want to protect the artwork.  Trace around the template. Then carefully cut the envelope.  Your cut out envelopes will look like this:

Now fold and glue your envelope ( I should get a manicure.  Have you ever seen Martha Stewart's nails, though?  Maybe I'm good.  I'm not left handed, either.  But how else can I take a photo of myself gluing my envelope when I need my right hand to take the photo?  This blogging business is crazy.) :

All done!

Not quite. 

Come back tomorrow to learn how to make envelope glue!  Yes, lickable glue!  I found the recipe on the internet.  (I love the internet.)

May the Lord bless you with pretty paper and perfect folds.

<3 Lori

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fun With Canvas Panels--Art Every Day, Day 27

I was in Michael's at some point this summer before school started. They had a display of student art supplies where I found the coolest stack of 10, 5 x 7 canvas panels for about $5.  How do you pass up a deal like that even if you don't have the foggiest notion what you'll do with them?!

And then I got a notion.  And then I got shortness of breath contemplating the fun-ness.  And then I found Dick Blick's Art Supplies.  And then this happened:

There are forty-eight 5 x 7 canvas panels there.  "What," you ask, "are you planning to do with ALL of those??"

"Excellent question," I reply.  "I'm going to make THESE!!!"

They are little original artwork cards on canvas panels.  I'm calling them Art Cards.  They are art and gifts and cards all in one.  They are sweet and fun and mailable!!  The backs are blank so a personal message can be included.  I think I'm in love. :)

And then there was a quandry.  If I want people to be able to mail them, they'll need an envelope.  I could probably buy envelopes that will fit a 5 x 7 canvas panel.  And I might end up doing that.  But I've made envelopes before and thought it might be fun to create matching envelopes for my Art Cards.  I have stacks of scrapbook papers and card stock two feet high.  Scrapbook card stock is the perfect size and weight to make nice, durable envelopes.

Come back tomorrow for a tutorial on how to make your own envelopes!  I'm heading over to Etsy to list at least one of these cards. :)

Praying the Lord blesses you today with sweet dreams and an abundance of fun-ness.

<3 Lori 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Art Every Day--The Medley

I guess I'm fixin' to give away my age....do they even do medleys anymore?  I remember shows like HeeHaw, that show with the Mandrell sisters, and Donnie and Marie (dang, I'm old) had people on who occasionally sang medleys of their music.  We were out of town for the weekend, and the weeks are getting crazy with family obligations, so I've missed out on my blogging for Art Every Day and about some subjects I really wanted to cover.  So.....here's my little blog medley for your reading pleasure.

It was Veteran's Day a few days ago.   My grandfather Alton Curtis Little served at Guadalcanal.

The journal my grandmother, Fannie, gave him before he left holds at least a partial history of the events he experienced there.  On September 18, 1943, he wrote, "A wild night, there were 4 air raids. Bombs dropped about 100 yards from me. Only knocked two or three holes in tent.  They really landed hard and shook us up in our fox hole.  Bombs dropped all way between here and beach, started a small fire.  I really thought our time had come". 

For Veteran's Day, I salute Tony Little.  Thank you, Papaw and all those who served with you who got to come home and those who did not, for all you did to ensure our freedom is secure.

Our trip this weekend was to visit my father-in-law on what would have been my mother-in-law's 80th birthday.  I packed my little art supply box fully intending to do some Artist Trading Cards for the next swap in our little group.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to that.  But my sister-in-law, Leah, who owns the really cool store fixture warehouse in Austin called First Rate Fixtures brought a truck load of awesomeness for me to choose from in exchange for drawing some clothes on mannequin forms for decoration at her store.  How fun is that!  This is the amazing haul I made!! 

Thanks, Leah! I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, but whatever it is is going to be so fun!

I keep talking about these Artist Trading Cards and have even posted photos of the ones that I've done.  Well, yesterday I received the trades.  They are awesome!  Here are the little cuties I received:

Kathy May of Kathy May Designs

Ursula Smith.  Visit her blog at  http://www.easyscraps.com/

Cheryl Fitzsimmons Dossey

Thanks, ladies!  I love them!  We have now filled a year's calendar with card swap hostesses and themes.  You'll be seeing these little masterpieces regularly. 

Basketball season has started.  I was trying to fill in my Franklin Covey planner with the game schedule, but I got writer's cramp and had to stop before I got out of December.  We'll be at basketball games at least three times a week.  I love basketball!  That's still a LOT of basketball.  I'll try to check back soon.

The sun is starting to put my favorite light on the porch outside my window.  I need to get to my real job now.  May the Lord bless you today with golden light, activities you love, sweet memories, and new friends.

<3 Lori

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Art Every Day Hospital Waiting Room Edition

Good morning!! I'm using my fancy new phone to post from the hospital waiting room. We'll see how this works.

Basketball season has started. I have two players in the house. There was a game last night, and there's another one tomorrow. Art every day is going to get more challenging.

Here's what I'm working on at the moment. I might get to finish it tonight.

May the Lord bless you today with good health for yourself and those you love and the awareness to appreciate it.

<3 Lori.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Every Day 7--Scorched Earth and Bluesky Birdies

Good morning!  I actually don't know which day of Art Every Day we are supposed to be on. What I do know is that I went upstairs yesterday and did at least a month's worth (at my current rate).  It's the weirdest thing to be suddenly swept up with inspiration after nothing for so long.  It's kind of like those African rainy seasons where the ground is cracked and the fish a struggling to breath without water when the floods finally come.

I actually did three pieces and prepped a background to try to execute a little sketch idea I had.  All three completed projects had been mistakes that were lying around taunting me with their ugliness.  I didn't get a good shot of all of them, but this is my favorite:

I had the little serious looking gray tabby painted out and was holding up the canvas looking at him and saying to him, "What do you want on your head?"  Just over the edge of the canvas, I saw my little bird tracing guide that I've used in the past stuck to my white board.  "Ahh! A birdie!" Because once I'm sitting at my desk, I'm not too keen to get up, I looked around at my feet for some scrapbook paper or something to make the bird from.  A printed photo from our vacation to Montana a couple of years ago was close at hand.  Bluesky Birdie looks good, I think! :)

I'll show you the other things sometime soon, I'm sure.  My ground might become parched again before the month is over.

I must now get ready for my real job.  May the Lord bless you today with blue skies and birdies to share them with.

<3 Lori

Friday, November 4, 2011

AEDM4 and Isn't That Pinteresting

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, right? :|  Having some challenges getting this posted this morning.  I need to issue a giant apology for the quality of my images.  My scanner drivers are not loaded on this laptop.  The laptop it is loaded on is dead.  The camera won't take up close pictures very well.  Although my phone will, the blogger app is not as functional as I need it to be.....suffice it to say, I'm lucky to have anything on here. :)  I'll be working on all these issues today, though, so better things are on the way. 

The on-line art group I'm in is doing another ATC (Artist Trading Card) exchange.  The theme is "Winter".  My submission for todays AEDM are my little cards.  I love these things--so fast and so fun (again, sorry for the picture quality).

May the Lord bless you today with technology that works and deep cleansing breaths when it doesn't.

<3 Lori

Oh!! PS--I'm on Pinterest.  Click the Follow Me button over there -----> to follow me.  I'll follow you back.  I'm going to be adding an "Art from my friends" Board.  It'll be a great way to connect with other lovely artist type people.

<3 again, Lori

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Art Every Day 2 and 3

I'm going to define "every day" rather loosely.  I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to get some more Artist Trading Cards and to get a print framed for my mom for her birthday coming up (shhhh!  Don't tell.  She has a very fancy new computer, but she doesn't know how to turn it on, so I don't think she'll see this).  I consider that "creating".  But I didn't actually put any art to paper yesterday.  That's okay, though.  I'm going to go easy with this deal.

This morning, I got out my watercolor pencils and my art journal and just did a few little illustrations. As I pointed out in this post, I often see images in all kinds of weird places.  The little blue guy appeared in the wood grain of the pew in front of ours at church on Sunday.  I sketched him out in my little notepad I keep in my Bible.  Then I copied him and colored him in my art journal and added a friend. 

To see the other participants for today click here.  Maybe after the weekend I'll have more than this kind of little thing to show.  In the meantime, may the Lord bless you with warm drinks, warm hugs, and warm conversation.

<3 Lori

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Art Every Day Month--Day 1

When I made a commitment to do Art Every Day Month in November, I guess I kind of didn't think about it really being EVERY, every day. :) 

After work today, I spend a few hours hopping around our Flying Lessons blog hop (see blog post below). By the time I was done with that, I figured I'd spent about 12 hours on my backside. Therefore, please don't judge today's submission too harshly.

Last month, I discovered Artists Trading Cards.  I love these little things. They are fast and cute and make me feel accomplished in record time.  Since I can also use tiny scraps of paper and bits of leftover paint, they also make me feel all responsible and stuff.

I learned recently that all of Leigh Standley's (of Curly Girl Design) original artwork fits in a cigar box. Yet, she sells 20 x 20 canvas prints! That's awesome. I'm dreaming small!

Although I have other arty stuff I know I'll need to do this month, most of my AEDM art will likely be ATCs. Here's the first one that happened in literally 10 minutes (including dry time) (remember, don't be too harsh):

This is evidence that I'm serious about doing something creative every day. Happy Day 1!

Be Blessed.  <3 Lori

Preparing For Takeoff

Welcome to the first annual "Spreading our Wings" Blog Hop! 
I am so thrilled to be a part of this hop with this amazing group of women. Our charge for this hop was to create a piece of art inspired by our Flying Lessons experience.  You can read more about Flying Lessons here.  The short version is that it's an on-line class with a private Facebook group component.  I've met so many amazing people through this experience.  I am so grateful to them for their willingness to share their knowledge and to be my cheerleaders.

I was watching a story on the Today show last week about Cate Edwards getting married.  The story included a tape of Cate giving a eulogy at her mother's funeral. Elizabeth Edwards' story captivated me from the beginning. She was a bright, beautiful woman who faced great loss, public humiliation, and a debilitating and ultimately terminal disease with grace and courage. Having experienced a little dose of breast cancer myself (but with the support of an amazing and loyal husband, thankfully), I found her story so compelling.  During her eulogy, Cate said of her mother, "She could bring out the brave in anyone."

Photo courtesy Tampabay.com

I instantly thought of my Flying Lessons classmates. Thanks for bringing out the brave in me.

May the Lord bless you today with people who support your dreams and encourage you to soar.

<3 Lori

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Special Thanks to Michelle Reynolds for the use of her artwork(http://shellsinthebush.blogspot.com/)! For more info on classes by Kelly Rae Roberts visit www.kellyraeroberts.com or check out her new Hello Soul. Hello Business. http://kellyraeroberts.com/hello-soul-hello-business. Thanks for hopping with us!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Art Every Day and Blog Hopping Good Times

It's been kind of quiet around here.  If you've liked my Facebook page, you know I took the day off from my real job recently and posted a load of stuff to Etsy.  Sometimes just a little check in over there is all real life will allow me to do.  But the ol' blog is fixing to heat up!! 

I've signed up for the Art Every Day Month challenge at Creative Everyday.

Although the "rules" are pretty much whatever I want them to be, the point is to be creative everyday and post the results on the blog.  I know I have some projects for November that will count towards this challenge. I really just needed more motivation to turn off the television, get off Facebook and get upstairs.  This ought to do it.

One thing I'm going to do is a set of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) for another little exchange I am doing with my arty friends from Flying Lessons.  ATCs are tiny little 2.5 x 3.5 canvas cards that you can use just like a regular sized canvas.  I'd seen them hanging on the rack at Hobby Lobby but didn't know what they were or why anyone would want to do them.  These things are so fun!  Our first swap theme was "Flying".  This is my little set..I wish I'd gotten a better photo:

The next theme is "Winter".  I already have a couple of ideas percolating.  I might have to work on them in the bleachers at basketball games, but I'm good with that.  There may also be a few other surprises up my sleeves, so STAY TUNED!

November 1st is the launch date for AEDM.  Additionally, some of my Flying Lessons classmates and I (more info on Flying Lessons in this post) are going to be doing a HUGE blog hop on November 1st.

We are all creating art inspired by the class, blogging about it and posting it to our blogs that day.  Make sure to come back and check out the amazing talent.  Seriously.  The talent these women possess is so inspiring. There are lots of painters,  jewelry crafters, and photographers, artists working in ceramics, metal clay, fabric, assemblages from recycled materials and so much more.  There are 43 people signed up to participate.  I'm so stoked to see what they have created!

November's a big month.  Thanks for joining in the fun!  Wishing you a week overflowing with blessings that leave no doubts how much you are loved.

<3 Lori

Monday, October 17, 2011

Favorite Random Musings

Okay. Here's the deal.....

(People who really know me know that when I say "here's the deal" what follows is going to be the bottom line, boiled down, no frills, tell-it-like-it-is truth.)


I do not have enough interesting thoughts to write three blogs posts a week.

So, Monday Musings, Wednesday Random Thoughts, and Friday Favorites is now a weekly post called Favorite Random Musings.

Favorite: These are my superfan Converse All-Stars that I wore last year to every single basketball game.  They symbolize how much I love the game and how much I love my boy, whose biggest fan I am (even though my husband would argue that...he's not even close).  These are my favorite shoes to wear to watch my favorite boy play my favorite game.  Basketball season starts in a couple of weeks.  I can't wait!!  And now my favorite girlie will play too!  Double the fun!
Random:  Speaking of my girlie....she bought a book at the book fair today called, "100 Words to Make You Sound Smart". 

Check the pronunciation, though, because if you pronouce "scintillating" as "skintillating", you won't sound smart.

Musings:  Monday Musings is where I show you the art I did over the weekend. I've been working on this girl for a while.  She's finished. At least I think this is finished.  It feels mostly finished.  There are some beauty advertising titles from a 1950's magazine in the background, some of which are just ridiculous.  To counteract some of the mid-century ridiculousness, the quote is from Kahil Gibran and says, "Beauty is a light in the heart".

I'm prayerfully hopeful that my life calms down a little bit so that I can maintain a weekly blog, make some more art and get a chance to take note of the funny, random little things that make me smile and that I hope will make you smile, too.

Praying the Lord blesses us all with peace in our minds and hearts and homes.

<3 Lori

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Favorites--Lite

Things have been kind of crazy around these parts.  I'm working on some new art, trying to figure out how to make prints, needing to get some business cards, thinking about doing a teeny tiny art market next weekend, working at my real job, parenting a couple of kids who are practicing teenagers......

So...this is my Friday Favorite:

Happy Friday!

May the Lord fill your weekend with amazing blessings....and a touch of salt.

<3 Lori

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Thoughts Wednesday--Flip Top Heads and Inflatable Jesus

Early this morning, I woke up thinking about Random Thoughts.  I've become afraid that I won't have any for Random Thoughts Wednesday. Last week I managed to squeak some out just in time.  This week....I got nothing. 

But as I was lying there at 5:12 a.m. (or there abouts), I thought about how much thinking I've been doing since I started this business and the on-line class that accompanied it.  A LOT.  I've been thinking about doing art, listing art, printing art, selling art, banking, blogging, business cards, business licenses, copyrights, domain names, taxes (all that came out in alphabetical order...that's just sad). 

My brain was pinging around rapid fire, as it often does these days, and I wished that I could just
slow. it. all. down. 

I thought to myself what I'd really like to do is flip open my head, dump out all the junk (that includes you, Real Housewives!) and put Jesus back in there where He belongs.  The visualzation of this was a flip top head and me trying to cram a lifesize Jesus cut out into it like I'm trying to fit an inflatable raft into a kindergartner's backpack.

The really crazy thing is that these are lucid thoughts! 

Then I realized that He's one size fits all.  He'll fit in there and take up all the space quite comfortably if I'll let him.  But I do need to give Him room to move around in there and time to do it.

On today's agenda is less business/more Jesus.

I hope you all have a day blessed with enough space in your head for what and whom you love (and/or who loves you).

<3 Lori

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Monday

Good morning, Monday!  I haven't had any caffiene yet, so I'm faking it here. I hope you are all gassed up and ready to go.

This is just a little short note to let you know that I do, indeed, still make some art, although it feels like all I really do is sit behind a computer day and night.  And now I need to add bookkeeping to the list of things to do.  Weee!  All of that...the bookkeeping, the Etsy posting, the trying to figure out Photoshop (with A LOT of assistance), the blogging and even to some extent working at my real job is so that I can make art.  So, these little Monday glimpses are the fun part.

Happy Monday!

May the Lord bless you today with the knowledge that through Him, all things are possible.

<3 Lori

Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites

First, thanks again to everyone who participated in my little giveaway here last week.   I messed up the first drawing because I didn't count all the entries correctly, so we had two drawings.  I haven't heard from one of the winners.  So, Janelle, holla back! :)

For this week's Friday favorite, I have another cute face to show you:

I've mentioned before on the blog about the creative business class I took with Kelly Rae Roberts, artist, author, on-line instructor extraordinaire.  Well, in that class, I have met many other talented artists.   There's a crazy energy in this group that I have truly never experienced, an energy that it seems is propelling everyone forward at a much faster pace than could have been achieved alone.  It's kind of freaking me out, really. 

They are from across the US, Austrailia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Germany, Sweden and more! They are moms and grandmothers and sisters and wives and soul sisters.  They make wall art, assemblages, jewelry of all kinds, mosaics and other glass art.  They make quilts, other fabric art and beautiful photographs.  They write poetry and business plans and great blogs.  The combined talent in this group is really amazing.  I feel like I might have been promoted to the next class a little too soon, and I should probably be in the remedial section. 

We have a team on Etsy called Flying Lessons Alumni 2011 .  To give you an idea of the kind of talent and diversity that is found in this group, I made this Friday Favorites Flying Lessons Treasury of my favorite things from some of their shops.  I wish there were enough spaces to include something from every shop. 

Some of my classmates are not on Etsy, yet.  The little birdie face I showed you above is from a flyer that doesn't have an Etsy shop at the moment.  But, she's doing a fabulous thing!  There was a huge flood last month in New York state where she lives.  Kanchan Mahon is selling all her artwork from her website and donating ALL the proceeds to flood recovery efforts in her area.  You can check out her website http://www.kanchanmahon.com/.  Her prices are very reasonable for works of art and it benefits people who have suffered great loss!

At the risk of making you really jealous because this one is no longer available, here's the whole birdie:

Here's the bottom line on art.  You can go to Target and buy some clearance art that was made in China or you can go to Etsy, other art sites, local art fairs or craft shows and buy directly from an artist--someone just like me and just like you. Someone who has a dream and is working with their hearts and their hands to give that dream wings.  When I took my Target art down and replaced it with Kanchan's bird, it changed the whole feel of the room.  Try it!  You'll like it!

Happy Friday, everyone!  May the good Lord bless your weekend with sweet dreams and daily reminders of His loving kindness.

<3 Lori