Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fill Ins

I'm playing along with Friday Fillins.  :)

1. Paisley _is the name of my cousin's new baby girl, who is adorable____.
2. _Sometimes a____ hat _will work as a weapon____.
3. Where is __my tooth guard?  For real.  I lost it___.
4. __Sometimes I like to read the very last page of a book first.  Isn't it fun to get a hint about how it's going to___ end?
5. Sometimes, less is _enough____.
6. __No, sir, I do not have any___ Grey Poupon.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _a crazy important playoff game___, tomorrow my plans include __sleeping in, making a big breakfast, staying in my pjs all day and doing arty things___ and Sunday, I want to _worship, nap and read____!

You can play along here.

Praying the good Lord makes  his face to shine on you today.

<3 Lori

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's Time

My week, or at least the last parts of it, from instagram and some silliness from YouTube~~

 My week started off beautifully when my "Love Birds" accompanied a great message about persistence from Brave Girls Club.  Sqeeeee!

  I got a happyhappyhappy shipment from Blick's Art Supplies with a load of canvasses and some other fun things to use during the holiday weekend.

These 4 x 4 canvas panels became spirit gifts for our girls basketball team who competed in the Area playoff game on Friday.  They didn't win, but they played their hearts out.  I heard they liked their little keepsakes.

Super sized red velvet cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting and Neocolor II's for Valentine's Day. :::googlyeyes:::

I restarted on a canvas that was a reject from my Flora Bowley class.  It was a joy to paint over that ugly thing.  When I got the this point, I stewed on it a while and didn't really want to go farther because I liked it.  I sought advice from my arty friends and had a closer look at it and decided I could do some things.

This is not a very good photo. I need to figure out a better photo set up for night time picture taking.  But this is what happened.  It looks better and brighter in person.  I've done a little more black detailing and need to do a little more coloring and paint the sides and it'll be good to go!  The words are from the chorus of "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons.  It was playing on Pandora while I was painting.  When I hear it, it makes me happy and sing at the very top of my lungs.   I've looked up the lyrics, and, honestly, I don't know what they may have meant to the writers. But to me, these few words are all I need. 

Whatever it is that you are waiting to do until the "right time", do itIt's time to begin, isn't it?

And finally, a little silly thing from YouTube to share.  During halftime of the girls' game, the student section made a video. The kids gathered costumes from who knows where.  My son was wearing a gigantic blond wig and a collection of Mr. T-like Mardi Gras  beads. You might be able to pick him out on the  left side of the stands  about halfway up.


I'm not counting on this week being as great as last week. But I'm already blessed way more than I deserve, so I'm grateful to God for dumping that bucket of happy on me last week. 

I hope He has a bucket with your name on it this week.

<3  Lori

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Grand Theft

I went to get my hair done today, which I really needed because I have two teenagers at home.   Since it takes a few hours, and I'm antsy waiting so much, I always take a big stack of stuff to do.  I read my Somerset Studio magazines, make lists, and sketch sometimes.  I got these little journals a while back from Target. They have really durable, happy-colored covers and lines so my OCD doesn't get itchy when I try to write in them.  I love them.

I was going to write some notes in it. When I opened it, though, I realized at some point I had designated it as a poetry journal.  I found this silly poem I don't remember writing.  It's dated May 15, 2012.  It's not titled, so I'm calling it....

Grand Theft

The cat lost her mind.
The cat took my phone.
She went through my wallet,
And then she left home.

The dog asked to borrow
The keys to the car.
He said, "See ya later!
We won't go very far."

It's crazy!  I know!
My pets ran away
With my car and phone.
Oh man!  What a day!

I yell to my pets,
"Come back! You can't drive!
You also can't talk!
Can I get change for a five?!!"

But now I am petless
And carless, to boot.
They've left me alone
And taken my loot.

You cannot trust mammals.
That's what I've heard.
Now I've seen it first hand.
And I'm getting a bird.

"Date Night" available as a print in my Etsy shop today!

May the good Lord bless you today with sweet mammals in your life.

<3  Lori