Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Thoughts Wednesday

Good morning, travelers.  Welcome to Random Thoughts.  Please wait until the bus has come to a full and complete stop before leaving your seats. 

Today's Random Thoughts gathered themselves into a little Facebook group:

1.  I think I might spend too much time on Facebook.  I find myself looking for the "Like" button in coworker emails.  When I realize where I am and that I'll have to click "reply" and write "Ha" and click "send", I'm really disappointed.

2.  I'm also hitting enter in my email replies like that will do something besides carriage return line feed.  Every response I write has a couple extra lines at the bottom before I figure out that's not going to send them.

3.  I just went to Pinterest again to look for pictures. Someone posted some crazy-good looking cheesecake cookies and then asked, "What are graham crackers?"  Apparently there are no graham crackers in Australia.  What????!!!!  I mean, I can't feel all that sorry for them because they have kangeroos and koalas s'mores?  That's just sad.

Have a blessed day, friends!  I'm praying the Lord blesses us today with good friends, a few laughs, and sunshine (that doesn't try to bake us to a crisp) on our faces.

<3 Lori


  1. I like knowing what's on your mind. My random thoughts would be a little too scary, I', afraid!

  2. Love your pictures correlated to texts. Perfect!

  3. Ha ha ha ha!! Lori, I love your random thoughts. I know I'm not alone with my crazy world!

  4. Ha!! You make me laugh everyday!! Thank you for that <3


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