Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favorites

This is probably really silly.  Why would someone with 29 blog followers and 157 Facebook friends feature as a "Friday Favorite" someone who has 319,000 Facebook friends and has garnered 24,000 comments on a blog post? 

Because she's my favorite, that's why.

Ree Drummond is The Pioneer Woman.  She can cook.  She's hilariously funny. She's beautiful, and she's created a creative business empire all while living in some rural section of Oklahoma where going to "the Walmart" is still a big deal.  See?  She's just like me!  We're practically twins.

She's giving away this amazing mixer today here:   

I don't really cook, but I left a comment so I could be entered in the drawing anyway.  I mean, I think I might even be able to make something tasty with a mixer that looks like that.  Or I could just go to the bakery, bring something tasty home to a clean kitchen, and look at the beautiful mixer while I'm enjoying my tasty treat.  An "artist" should own that mixer.

Click this link to her website: The Pioneer Woman.  When she checks her stats, she'll be so impressed by the traffic I directed over there.

May the good Lord bless you today with pretty stand mixers and tasty treats.

<3 Lori

PS.  Just found the website for those mixers....why didn't I think of that??


  1. Well Lori, there are 27802 comments over there...what do you think our chances are?


  2. I didn't win the pink cowboy boots. I'm pretty sure the mixer is mine. There's two! Maybe we'll both win!

  3. Ha!! Yes that mixer should belong to an must! I think your chances are really good ;)....and anything you make in that...or near going to taste amazing!! Makes my boring black one seem so sad :(

    PS I met Ree, The Pioneer Woman, herself at the Creative Connection last year! she's as funny and "normal" as she seems on her blog. I'd actually never heard of her until I met her! thanks for sharing!

  5. She was my first! Blog, that is. I have yet to win anything on her site or any other site for that matter...oh well. I will refrain from commenting so that you to have a better chance!
    That is a beauty!It would just be a very pretty dust collector in my kitchen....

  6. If I win I'll send you my plain old red one!

  7. BTW, she's up to 38, my dreams...

  8. Y'all need to keep commenting here. There's no rule that it has to be 38,000 different people....oops, yes there is. Never mind.

  9. oh, man. i could make just about anything in something that pretty!!!


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