Thursday, June 16, 2011

I've Lost My Mind....and my boob

The title is a little misleading.  I've definitely lost my mind, but I do know where my boobs are right now.  All three of them.  Well, to be honest, I don't know exactly where two of them are.  I don't know if prosthetic breast humor is appropriate for blogging or not.  I guess if it's not, surely the blog police will issue me a warning for a first offense.

I said the other day that I sometimes write silly poetry.  Here's the latest that pays homage to lost minds and missing boobs. 


Where are my glasses?  I can't find my purse.
Just when it seems better, I realize it's worse.

My brain has these dark spots where light doesn't shine.
That's where stuff is hiding--the lost stuff of mine.

The name of that person. The quote I just found.
My paintbrush. My checkbook. That thingie that's round.

The most frustrating thing..I don't want to be rude...
But what gets me most is when I can't find my boob.

I should be more careful and put it away.
But I just want to throw it by the end of the day.

It's been in a basket and out in the car.
It doesn't have legs!  It can't have gone far!

Some women are late when they can't find their keys.
I appreciate that, but they got nothin' on me.

My issue is this--I can't leave my house
When a body part's absent that should be in my blouse.


It all started with this.  And then there came this.  Now that my brain is locked in rhyme mode, there's no telling what else might come up.

May God bless you today and help you find your missing stuff.

<3  Lori

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Right Brain Took a Field Trip

So, yesterday as I was working at my desk job using my left brain, my right brain (as it often does) twiddled its thumbs for a while. It finally got up and, like a small child left to her own devices, wandered away. After a while, it came back with a poem clutched in its chubby little palm.

You might recall that I write some silly poetry.  I'll share it here sometime.  Anyway, this little poem, which is not so silly, morphed quickly into something else.  THEN, it morphed again while I was still at work.  It changed AGAIN when I got upstairs to the studio. That often happens. And my biggest frustration is that, as an untrained artist, it's sometimes a real struggle to implement the great ideas my unfettered right brain brings to me.  This one's going to work, though, I think ::crosses fingers:: :::uncrosses fingers because it's hard to type that way::.

I said I would give you a sneak peek today.  I'm sorry about that.  I realized I can' least not today.  It's a surprise for someone who might see it here and I don't want to ruin it.  I'll have to show you tomorrow.  Suffice it to say, it's a poem.  It's pretty cool (at least *I* think so).  And I want one!!! :)

May God bless you today and show you his love in some amazing way.

<3 Lori

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Facebook, Blogger, Esty--Oh My!

Man! Starting a business is hard even if you never actually have to leave the house.  Nevertheless, here we go...I'm following the yellow brick road. :)

I've done a lot of jobs in my life--drove a grain truck for my dad hauling wheat to the elevator, hoed in the cotton field, worked in my parents' convenience store, delivered pizza, cleaned mouse cages and dog runs, taught English to 7th graders (I'd rather chop cotton), trained bill collectors (sorry!), worked in the office at Girl Scouts (I'd rather clean mouse cages), and read case files for quality assurance at my current gig.  I'm grateful that God has graced me with a way to help support my family and SO blessed that I've had a job for 10 years that has allowed me to be home with my kids every day after school.  I've only been involuntarily out of work for 5 months since I was old enough to work.   I praise God for that blessing!

At the same time, I've sat at a lot of desks praying for God to provide me a way to spread his message while allowing me to earn a livelihood, to spend more time keeping my home life together, and to create tangible work products that bring happiness or hold meaning.  Please say a little prayer for me that this is it.

Follow, follow, follow, follow
Follow the yellow brick road!

<3  Lori