Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Thoughts Wednesday--Flip Top Heads and Inflatable Jesus

Early this morning, I woke up thinking about Random Thoughts.  I've become afraid that I won't have any for Random Thoughts Wednesday. Last week I managed to squeak some out just in time.  This week....I got nothing. 

But as I was lying there at 5:12 a.m. (or there abouts), I thought about how much thinking I've been doing since I started this business and the on-line class that accompanied it.  A LOT.  I've been thinking about doing art, listing art, printing art, selling art, banking, blogging, business cards, business licenses, copyrights, domain names, taxes (all that came out in alphabetical order...that's just sad). 

My brain was pinging around rapid fire, as it often does these days, and I wished that I could just
slow. it. all. down. 

I thought to myself what I'd really like to do is flip open my head, dump out all the junk (that includes you, Real Housewives!) and put Jesus back in there where He belongs.  The visualzation of this was a flip top head and me trying to cram a lifesize Jesus cut out into it like I'm trying to fit an inflatable raft into a kindergartner's backpack.

The really crazy thing is that these are lucid thoughts! 

Then I realized that He's one size fits all.  He'll fit in there and take up all the space quite comfortably if I'll let him.  But I do need to give Him room to move around in there and time to do it.

On today's agenda is less business/more Jesus.

I hope you all have a day blessed with enough space in your head for what and whom you love (and/or who loves you).

<3 Lori


  1. you can't go wrong with Jesus first! have you tried keeping a journal of all your thoughts all week? i keep an open journal in my studio that i can write randomly in at any time for any blog idea that pops in my head. when i'm out i use the notes app on my iphone. that way when i sit down to write a blog post i can search through my list. i bet this would work even better for random thoughts. anyways just a thought.

  2. I bought myself a handy dandy notebook, Jynene. :) And I love the notes app! Just gotta be a better collector of my little thoughts!


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