Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Make Your Own Scrapbook Paper Envelopes--AEDM 28

Yesterday, we were talking about these:

And these:

And the need to make some of these:

I tried a couple of prototypes for envelopes before I decided to use an envelope from a card I received from a friend as a template. 

Carefully open the envelope at the seams to reveal the template. (Please ignore the disaster area in the background.  It's a wreck back there.  I don't think "art" and "neat" can be accomplished simultaneously.)

Since this is a step-by-step of how *I* made envelopes, you must now scrounge around, excavate, and spelunk in the piles for a piece of cardboard or card stock large enough for trace around your sample envelope.  I found this:

Since my sample envelope was a tiny bit smaller than I wanted, I traced a little larger to create a bigger envelope.  (I realize this is a horrible photo. Sorry it's blurry.  And why are my hands swollen?  Too much smoked turkey, me thinks.)

Now cut out your template, and you'll have a nice, sturdy tool to use to make another 50 envelopes for all those Art Cards, which I have now christened "LeissnerArt Cards" (trademark and patent pending).  Select the paper you want to use for your envelope. I chose thicker cardstock because I want to protect the artwork.  Trace around the template. Then carefully cut the envelope.  Your cut out envelopes will look like this:

Now fold and glue your envelope ( I should get a manicure.  Have you ever seen Martha Stewart's nails, though?  Maybe I'm good.  I'm not left handed, either.  But how else can I take a photo of myself gluing my envelope when I need my right hand to take the photo?  This blogging business is crazy.) :

All done!

Not quite. 

Come back tomorrow to learn how to make envelope glue!  Yes, lickable glue!  I found the recipe on the internet.  (I love the internet.)

May the Lord bless you with pretty paper and perfect folds.

<3 Lori


  1. Yes! Glue! :D Y'all come back now, ya hear?!

  2. Oh, I have GREAT memories of doing this in college with a dear friend! We used magazine pics. Super fun. Thanks for sharing this!!!

  3. Ooooooh!! This is amazing!! Love it. Really do!

  4. cool... I am so getting into this... but the glue thing has me fascinated... lickable glue not in the creepy boy in grade 2 who ate glue way... can't wait... thanks for sharing this xx

  5. Does the lickable glue taste like smoked turkey? Yumm


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