Monday, August 4, 2014

The Next Big Makeover

Now that #thegreatbackyardmakeover is complete, it's time to officially start on another makeover. Me.

See?  Here's the deal.  I like food.  I really really really really do, and I especially like sugary food.    Especially cake.

Allie Brosh:  Hyperbole and a Half

I had a birthday last week. I got up thinking I was 48 because 8 plus 6 is 14, then I realized I wasn't born in '66. I was born in '67, so I'm only 47 and I felt a lot better about that. Anyway, birthdays = cake, so I'm a big fan.  I'm an especially big fan of this cake (see what I did there?):

McKay's Bakery White Chocolate Cake. It has cream cheese icing. had cream cheese icing.  I approach eating cake very much the same way I approach hard work.  The faster you do it, the sooner you can quit.  You'll be happy to know this cake has been neutralized, as they say in law enforcement. It can no longer cause anyone any harm. 

So, I'm one year closer to fifty, even with my bad math, and I need to get these extra pounds off.  There's a whole year between me and my next obligatory birthday cake, so what better time to start?  My Fitbit is plugged in.  The cake is gone.  I'm ready.  

It's blog official.  I can't turn back now.  Y'all all know.  You'll be wondering if I'm following through.  I'll need to report back and all that stuff.  This time it's going to work.

Details to follow.  As soon as I figure them out. So far I have:

1.  No more cake.


In the meantime, hit me with your very best advice, tips, tricks, whatever keeps you on track and living healthy!

Thanks in advance!

<3 Lori

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