Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I've been thinking about Heaven a lot lately.  It's not because of all the movies about it because I haven't seen any of those.  I also haven't read any of the books about it. Well, I have read one book about it. :)

I'm not sure what I think about whether God allows people to see glimpses of Heaven.  How could we possibly know for sure He doesn't?  And if it entices people to read about it, that's good, right?

I've been thinking a lot about the people in Heaven.  Until recently, I've only been thinking about the people I miss.

Like my dad.

And my grandparents.

And I've thought about people who other people miss--their parents and grandparents, husbands and wives, beautiful daughters, little boys, brothers and sisters, beloved aunts and treasured uncles, precious preborns who were already cherished children. And all those millions who were not cherished.

Only recently, though, I have realized that Heaven will also be an opportunity to meet those who because of time or distance I didn't get to know on Earth.  With the advent of the internet, we learn so much more about our fellow travelers here. So, I'm looking forward to seeing Roscoe Wackerly, Ryan Cruz Saldana and Micah Brown, three little boys I met online who were called home.  I'll meet people who were just characters in my parents' stories.  There will be people I've read about in books there like CS Lewis and Corrie ten Boom.  And so many people with amazing stories of faith who few people knew and no one remembers now, people whose treasures were laid up in Heaven rather than on Earth.

Oh, won't it be wonderful there?!

<3 Lori


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