Friday, March 7, 2014

Google Hangout

I said I was going to do a blog post every day for 30 days, and by golly, I'm gonna finish one thing that I say I'm going to do.  After this, maybe I'll get that Bible read all the way through, not just the high points (Numbers, here I come) and maybe I'll actually be able to make it past day three of a workout regimen.  

So today, nine of my online friends and I hung out together.  I know I'm not technologically advanced at all.  I Skyped for the first time just about a month ago.  We don't have Netflix. I don't Vine.  I do have Amazon Prime but just for the free shipping, and I use my phone mostly for a phone.  This stuff is almost like science fiction for me.

The fact that I can sit in my sitting area in my bedroom in little bitty podunk Texas and chat with nine other  people representing six other states is just AMAZING to me.  It was really fun!  This is the absolutely adorable Georgia girl Renee Burke of  Mind, Body, and Spirit Yoga.  Look her up! She does online one-on-one yoga classes!  All my other friends are across the bottom of the screen.  The person who is talking pops up on the big screen.  Of course, when we are all yakking at one time and laughing our heads off everyone is popping up all over the place and making us all dizzy.

Hangout would be cool to use for mini family reunions, business meetings, book clubs, Bible studies...all kinds of things!  You should gather some friends or distant relatives and DO it!

That's the big thing that happened for me today.  I'll be back tomorrow with some other tidbit I haven't discovered yet!  Have you used Google Hangout or some other video technology dohicky thing for something cool?  If so, I'd love to hear about it!

<3 Lori


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