Thursday, March 6, 2014

Energy Crisis

I was going to write a post today about my energy crisis, but I'm too tired. I think part of my problem may be poor oxygenation of my blood due to only being able to breathe through part of one nostril for most of the day. That can't be good for a body.

The other problem is probably the fact that I ingested too much sugar to try to make up for not enough oxygen. I never took chemistry or anatomy and didn't really pay much attention in biology, but even considering my lack of science education,  I'm pretty sure those are not interchangeable. 

So it's 945 pm, and I'm already in bed.  I'm going to try to read a little bit now that both nostrils are working. 


I found a great blog today that is inspiring me to try to get the bad food /no exercise/no energy freak show that's my life straightened up. I'll share it tomorow, so come back!!

<3 Lori

PS. I actually posted this from my phone last night. Apparently, you have to wait until it says it's actually posted before you exit the app.  I didn't read one word last night.  I was so exhausted, I turned off the light and passed completely out. And I slept all night.  It's weird. When you get to be whatever-age-I-am..I guess you would call it "middle aged" (surely that can't be right... but really long do I think I'm going to live....94 would be really old, so I guess this really is "middle age" :::commence sobbing:::)... we tend to start talking about sleep for ourselves the same way we talked about it for our infants.  I slept through the night! Yea, me! :|  It's a sad commentary.

Anyway, so this is last night's post.  I'm still technically blogging every day.  There'll be another one about something later today. xoxox L

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