Saturday, February 8, 2014

sNOw Days

So....we had TWO snow days this week.  Where I live, most of the time, snow days are not really for snow. They are for ice.  The highway department around here doesn't have a lot of fancy equipment for the roads because we don't get bad weather often enough. Besides, it's a good excuse to stay home and eat too many carbs and drink too much hot chocolate.

I was just observing on Monday about how I couldn't find a way to get inspired unless I'm at work where I can't do art.  It's so weird. So here I was with three free days (including today) and I have done almost NO art.  I don't get it!! 

I did work in my planner a little bit. I need to do a blog post about it. It's so fun!   I'll show you tomorrow (which will force me to do a little more art in order to have more to show you).

I cleaned my house and put on my new bedding. (I'm not done with the room yet.  I know I need more color and more decor.  I'm doing some soon as I get inspired.)  We've been in this house for seven years.  It's usually about this time that we decide to move. I figured buying new bedding and rearranging the furniture is cheaper than moving.

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest trying to get inspired by looking at other people's art.

While I was messing around on Pinterest, I fell in love with French Bulldogs. Oh my goodness! I want one!

Image found on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram..basically all over the internet

And I spent some time shopping at JetPens and Ikea and got this cool stuff:

Hmmm...I guess I was more productive than I thought. :)

Maybe my mojo will be back tomorrow in time for at least a little art making before I have to go back to work on Monday.  What do you do when you creativity takes a hike?  I need some help.

<3 Lori

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