Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Full Circle

Some time in the Spring of 2011, I was sitting on the porch on a warm sunny morning looking at a magazine I'd borrowed from my mom.  I'd never heard of it, but it only took a few minutes to fall in love with it.  It was called Somerset Studio. Since then, I've become very familiar with not only Somerset Studio but also all the other magazines that Stampington publishes (and there are a number of them).  In fact, I may have a little bit of a problem.

It was in that Somerset Studio that I first learned about Kelly Rae Roberts.  After reading the article about her life and her art, I went to her website and learned that her Flying Lessons class was about to begin.  Registration for that class was my first step toward starting LeissnerArt.

I received an envelope in the mail yesterday with this label.  I dug it out of the trash because I realized I needed to save it.

This was the letter inside.

GreenCraft is a Stampington magazine which highlights the virtues of reducing, reusing and recycling.  If you want to know how to use soda pop tops to make jewelry, this is your source.  If you want to know how to make cuff bracelets from Styrofoam hamburger packaging, you can find that here, too.

And, this month, you can also learn how to convert cigar boxes into Blessing Boxes!

Being published in a Stampington magazine has been a goal of mine since the beginning. I guess this is what they call "full circle".  Thanks for being here to share it with me. 

May the good Lord bless you with some dreams come true, too.

<3 Lori


  1. I don't know what to say...I'm so excited for you! Congrats and hope you get many more "complementary" artist copies in the future!

  2. This is terrific Lori! Im very proud of your accomplishments! Keep going!

  3. EEEEEEK! This is the most exciting news! Congratulations. I'm sure it's but the first of many!

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    1. lovelovelove your Blessing Box idea AND that you are published!!! xo R

  5. Very happy in my heart for you Lori - hope it brings you lots and lots of joy.

  6. Congratulations Lori!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Kathy

  7. Congrats! I will have to get the issue this weekend :D

  8. How exciting!! Congratulations, Lori!

  9. Never heard of this magazine. Going to find this issue today. Can't wait to read it! Congrats!!!

  10. I have noticed that when there is TOO much time, it can be more fun to procrastinate and do anything BUT what I've decided I *need* to do, or what someone else would prefer that I do ("Will you have time this week to Clean the Basement?" my husband sweetly asked) as opposed to what *I* want to spend MY time doing.


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