Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dawn's Early Light

I got up early this morning to try to restart an early morning Bible study.  After a shower and getting the coffee on and realizing there's no more Sweet and Low in the container and searching for the box and trying to find a clean cup because it looks like the dishwasher was never started and filling it from the overflowing sink and starting it and finding my good pencil and finding a pen and getting my Bible and my notebook and plugging in the computer so I can restart where I left off at the 1 Peter study at #shereadstruth, I realize that I'm going to have to get organized because this is not going to work. 

My little boy starts college today.  We got him all moved in on Friday at a little school 3.5 hours north of us where he's going to play basketball and where, I pray, he finds friends and support and discovers what his calling is.  It turns out boys far away are terrible communicators with their families.  I might need to call his girlfriend to find out what's going on.  

So, I texted him, posted to his FB page and tagged him in Instagram.  That ought to do it.  And don't we all need this message anyway?

Would you all join me in prayer for all the college freshmen off on their own starting classes this week and next that they seek God first, fear not, and call their moms?  

Thanks in advance!

<3 Lori


  1. Will do, Lori. You know, once he settles in, if you can hear from him once a week, and hear that he sounds busy and content, you won't worry nearly as much as you think. Promise. For me, it was harder when my second left for college. For weeks, after she left, I had bad dreams about her at every age...stolen from the grocery cart, not coming home from a date, wandering off as a toddler, that kind of thing. It gets better, sweet mama. You raised him well, and he'll be fine. Oddly, I worried about them more when they were home on break, than I did when they were away at school.
    Motherhood. It's not for sissies. XO.


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