Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Am. I Am. I Am.

"I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart.  I am.  I am.  I am." 

Syliva Plath 
The Bell Jar

A wicked smart, mature-for-her-age, 16 year old girl posted this on her status on Facebook the other day.  It hammered me in the head.    It spoke to me so loudly that I immediately wrote it on my fresh, clean table paper.

And then it taunted me.  

It needed to be something.  

Something special.

I mentioned a while back in this post my love of boxes.  My friend Susan of Susan's Charming Trinkets hooked me up with another huge stack of boxes.  This is my box shelf in my new arrangement upstairs.

Since I replaced my desk with folding tables and lost all my drawer space,  I need a place to put all my Pitts and Sharpies and Microns and Inkssentials.  So I combined my need for a pen/pencil box with this quote that spoke to me. 

Now I have a really special pencil box.

I still don't like to call this space upstairs a "studio".  The title "artist" still sticks in my throat.  I don't want to assume an identity that is not mine to assume.  But, you know what?  

I am.  I am.  I am.

Praying the Lord blesses you this week with that which quiets your braying heart and turns the harsh, loud cry to a sweet melody.

<3  Lori


  1. Oh for a sweet melody of calm creativity in my braying heart. That and the answer to my technical question.

  2. Hi Lori saw your comment on facebook and came to check out your post , i too love boxes , i mean what the!!! hate throwing them out , when im with family members ( l live alone with my furbabies) and unwrap something that came in a box ,i tend to study the box more than the contents lol now they say , "so what would u do with that" knowing im thinking " what could i do with this " lol
    anyway nice to know im not alone , i think i might be adopted lol... what about Atelier french for workshop.... i think that,but say out loud this is my workarea, they would think im being Posh... if i said it out loud...well i did waffle on lol

  3. You have always seemed to me to be a living-breathing human work of Art moving through the world. The way you talk and express yourself. : )

    I love what you've done here with your pencil box! C x

  4. You are! You are an artist! Love the box. I have the same trouble with the words studio and artist for myself. The voice inside my head says, "Who do you think you are?" I have no trouble applying those words to you, however. XO

  5. Love your new box. It is so you! Lots of good things are coming from you and your new studio.

  6. Lori - you are you are you are!
    Love those boxes!

  7. Lori,
    I really love this speaks to me right now--about my doubts and my hopes and dreams. Thank you!

    I love your cigar box creations by the way.


  8. Yes, you ARE MOST definitely an artist - no doubt about that. You are also one very smart, funny, warm and caring woman and I am so glad that you are my friend!



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