Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Flu Year

I don't think I've ever had a more inauspicious start to the new year than this one.  The morning of New Year's Eve, I started feeling not so good.  By Tuesday morning, I was flat on my back with aches and chills and fever and the whole Happy Flu Year bling bag. 

It's now Friday evening and, after hoarking down half a Sam's club sized bottle of Nyquil plus a whole box of Dayquil and using a box and a half of tissues, I think I might be coming out of it.  My advice after all that is this:

1.  Get a flu shot in October. (period) (end of sentence)(I'm not kidding)(do not pass go do not collect $200)

2.  Have a ready stock of super soft tissues and over the counter cold/flu medicine at all times but especially during flu season.  All tissues begin to feel like 40 grit sandpaper after enough blowing, so start as soft as possible.

3.  Don't visit the ER or any drug store/pharmacy during flu season.  There are germs there. Lots of them.

4.  Make sure when you pass out from flu symptoms (assuming you either didn't complete #1 or you didn't get the full benefit of #1), make sure there are people around you are are willing and able to take care of you.  The flu is no joke.  You'll need someone to bring you water to keep you hydrated and lip balm for your parched lips and to help you pour the Nyquil from those big heavy bottles.

Now that I'm feeling a little more sunny side up, I might actually be able to accept that it's 2013.  My friends from Flying Lessons are doing our 2nd Annual One Word Blog Hop in a few days. I'm having a coolio GIVEAWAY, so make sure you check back on Monday for details!

Until then, may the good Lord bless you with good health.  If you get not-so-good health, may He bless you with soft tissues, soft pj's, and soft pillows until good health returns.

<3 Lori


  1. So so sorry, you had the flu. Wish I lived close enough to make you some chicken soup!!

  2. Hope you are feeling 100 percent soon. I got my first flu shot a few weeks ago - here is hoping I am spared the misery. Hugs! xoxok

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you were so sick! Here's to a healthier rest of the year!

  4. Thanks, y'all! Feeling so much better today! Thanks for being here!


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