Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now

I'm very excited to now be the proud owner of a "real" camera.  She doesn't have a name yet, but she has joined the LeissnerArt creative team.  And she's cool.

I wanted a camera I could keep in the car for all those great impromptu photo ops that occur when one does a lot of country driving.  This little guy was following his mommy across the road in front of the house.  Obviously, I still need some practice in the quick draw of the camera. 

And remembering to take the lense cap off.

But I did get some pretty good shots around the yard.

Max guarding the guineas


My favorite so far..our friendly neighborhood crane.

One day soon maybe I'll do some more painting.  Until then, may the good Lord give you beautiful images in your viewfinders.

<3 Lori


  1. Wonderful photos, Lori! I am so excited for you and for us since I know you will share all of the fun with us. You obviously live in a beautiful area full of wild life. xo

  2. Congratulations! I have a camera w/ me 99.9% of the time. I used to tell my daughter you never can tell when a deer will run out and kiss one of the kids on the lips and you HAVE to be ready for it! And if I EVER leave home w/o out it, I'm ALWAYS sorry. Have fun!

  3. I love all the animals you are surrounded with daily! I can't believe Max guards the birds...no attack instinct? These are great Lori.



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