Monday, March 26, 2012

Tag I'm It

I wasn't going to do a blog post today.  I already have a draft for one in my draft folder to introduce a new product in my shop (YEA!!) but my friend Janet over at Tattered 'n Worn tagged me in a little blog hop game.  So, I figured I'd give it a whirl.  Here's how it's played:

~*~THE RULES~* ~

…you must post the rules
…answer 11 questions the tagger posted for you
…create 11 questions to ask the people you tag
…tag 11 people
…let them know you’ve tagged them

Here are the questions I was asked:

1. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? life probably would not be very long if I did this, but I can't imagine getting tired of warm buttered bread.

2. When you are creating, what do you have going in the background?  A lot of Audrey Assad lately.  Sometimes NeedtoBreathe.  Sometimes Third Day.  A little Justin Bieber thrown in (HEY!  My daughter shares my iTunes account!  She does. Really.)

3. Do you have a decorating style, and if so, what is it?  Hoarder Chic.

4. If you could live anywhere in world, where would it be?  I guess I would probably stay right where I am.  Maybe plant some grass since our yard died from 3 years of drought.  I'm not sure anywhere else would really understand me, nor I it.

5. What would you do with your lottery winnings?  I would help out an orphanage that I know is in need, locate the lovely ladies that worked at the daycare where my kids went when they were babies and give them the back pay they deserve for being the comfy laps that I could not be, send some kids to college (in addition to my own) and adopt some seniors in some nursing homes.  And I'd buy some grass (see #4). (I was going to post to my Facebook the other day that we needed some grass and ask if anybody knew a dealer, but I thought that didn't come out quite like I intended.  We still need grass.)

6. What is your very favorite saying?  "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Phil 4:13

7. What are you most looking forward to? Heaven!

8. What is your favorite outdoor activity?  Is "porch sitting" an activity?

9. Do you consider yourself politically aware?  I try really hard not to be. 

10. What is your most prized possession?  Hmmmm...I don't know. We have a lot of stuff that I would be sad to lose, but it's just stuff.   Family photographs would the hardest to lose.  :::adds--"scan family photographs" to list of things to do:::

11. If you knew the world would end tomorrow, how would you spend today?  Hanging with my family.  And eating lots of ice cream.

That was hard!!  Maybe I can go a little easier on my taggees, which are:

Elissa Brown

Frauke Schramm / quilthexle

Hilary Courson

Julie Hernandez

Kim Critzer

Lannette Ring

Mary Cottingham

Ruth-Mary Smith

Stacey Brown

Tammy Olson

Tracy Bante Yarbrough

*Their Questions  ~*~
1.  Mountains or beaches?

2.  What is your favorite childhood memory?

3.   If you had to change your first name, what would your new name be?

4.  What's is your all time favorite book?

5.  If you could go back and redo/relive one moment in time, what would it be (or the second or third....whatever you are willing to share)?

6.  What was your favorite piece of clothing in high school?

7.  Laverne or Shirley?

8.  What do you want to be when you grow up?

9.  What's one non-art related thing you really want to learn to do?

10.  What's one art related thing you really want to learn to do?

11.  If you had to be somewhere else right now, where would you choose to go?

Hop around and see what these lovely ladies have to say.  In the meantime, may the Lord bless you today with easy questions and lots of porch sitting time.

<3 Lori


  1. Thanks for playing, Lori! Love your answers and your questions! I didn't think mine were hard! I've buried the "wish I could do over" stuff so deep it'd take me a week to find it!

    1. It was late! I cannot be blamed for questions developed at that hour. :)

  2. Hey Lori! Nice job on your tag hop! I enjoyed reading your answers to Janet's questions. I have yet to work on mine, maybe I can get it posted tonight. And, your questions are tough, especially #7!

  3. You have such a gifted and funny spirit, Lori and I am so glad to know you! I love Hoarder Chic. I will get to hoppin soon, thanks for including me!

    1. Awww! Thanks, sweet girl! And thanks for hopping along!

  4. Lori, I LOVE your revised site! It really showcases your work so well! LOVE IT!

    1. Thanks, Linda! It feels homey to me. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks for tagging me, Lori. I feel like I'm drowning right now, so I'm not sure I can do this, but I will try. Just wanted to tell you that the new site looks great though. Yay!

  6. I can't play today. I'm in "timeout".

    But I am thrilled to have been asked to play-maybe another day!

    Hugs to you and the Fly Tribe!

  7. Opps, I've been off line for several days and playing catch up. I love what you have done with your site, it really inspires me in so many ways. I'd love to play along, but I've just tagged people to play along on another such blog hop and well I think I've worn out my welcome! I'm going to answer your questions in my blog though, because they really challenge me. Best, Kim


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