Sunday, July 24, 2011

Use Your Wings

I have signed up for two really cool artsy, inspiration/confidence building on-line classes that start in the next couple of weeks, and I'm SO excited I can hardly stand myself!  Weeeeee! :) 

The first class is called "Soul Restoration" and is offered by Brave Girls' Club.  Since I can't go off to the mountains of Idaho for a week for the in person version (which would be super AWESOME and which has been entered five separate times on my Bucket List), this will be the next best thing.  My girlie and I are going to do it together. So, we'll pick a day of the week, put on some cute aprons, cover the kitchen table with butcher paper, hang some green/turquoise/yellow streamers, break out the mod podge and do some art that is intended to clean out the clutter and redecorate our soul houses. :)

The other class is called "Taking Flight" and is taught by Kelly Rae Roberts, an artist, writer and "possibilitarian", who in six years has gone from being a part time Etsy artist to running a home decor empire!  If you aren't familiar with her stuff, she does these amazing mixed media girls with simple, positive messages.  Many of her girls have butterfly or angel wings, which emphasize her philosophy that we should not be afraid to, "find our creative wings and take flight toward the sky of our bliss-filled inspiration--a place where your spirt will soar."

I told you in my first blog post about some of the jobs I have held.  Most of those were more "spirit souring" than "spirit soaring".  Since I've been a closet poet, author, artist all my life, I'm ready, ready, READY to get some air under these rusty ol' wings.  I feel a little like the Tin Man, though.  Anybody got an oil can I could borrow?

In the meantime, my pink/turquoise mood continues...only this time it has wings!  "Write your own songs to sing.  When your bough shakes, use your wings!"

May God bless you today and give your soul lots of lift.

<3 Lori


  1. Hi Lori! I love the poem you chose for your art. It is good counsel and your art is wonderful. I love the color combination. I'm also taking Soul Restoration 1 right now. I've read Kelly Rae's book. She's very inspiring. At some point, I'd like to take her class as well. How do you like it so far? Thanks for stopping by and visiting Comfort Cottage. I love having visitors! Hugs, Terri

  2. Lori- Wow! I know what you mean. This is a wonderful gift you are giving yourself. I hope I can take this soul restoration some day. Sounds fantastic. I am one of your friends from Brave girls blog group. Your blog looks marvelous. No suggestions from me but to keep having fun with it. Mine is
    Have a great day.

  3. Hi Lori,

    Great start here!!!! I know what you mean about starting all of this. it is so exciting and it seems like not enough time for everything! I am so glad you are taking the soul restoration. sounds like great fun. i started my blog yesterday....what a ride.....mine is at i went ahead and got a domain....don't know why just did lol!! have fun!

  4. Lori,
    I found you via BGC and your blog is adorable. I hope that you are enjoying SR. It is an amazing course. Feel free to vist me at

  5. Hi Lori

    Love Kelly Rae and Brave Girls - they are so inspirational and have both inspired me as an artist and a person on this creative journey that have started to undertake.

    Am busy with a summer course by Jodi Ohl who has also been a wonderful inspiration and teacher.

    Have just joined Blogland as was on my bucket list


    Hopefully will be able to really get into it and be an inspiration.

  6. LOVE your Artwork! I'm a fellow Brave Girl too and saw your art on "A Little Birdie Told Me". I've taken SR1 and SR2 and am so happy I did. I'll have to take Kelly's class next. Best Wishes! Jillian

  7. You are a girl after my own heart. Saw your art on Brave Girls. Have fun with the class. Maybe someday I can take one.

    I too, love Kelly Rae, she is awesome. I own some of her prints. I enjoyed your blog.


  8. Thanks so much for being here, ladies! Having a Brave Girl birdie was one of those amazing life moments for me. According to the BGC, the images are randomly selected, but I like to believe that it was a little nudge from God that what I'm doing is okay with Him. :)

    Blessings to all of you! Come back soon!

    <3 L


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